Company Overview

4Risk Drones is a professional drone service covering all of Ireland. We predominantly serve the industrial, construction, and infrastructure sectors, with asset integrity management being our main area of focus. The objective of our company is to utilise drones and robotic technology to retrieve workable data from capital intensive infrastructure and assets. Our state-of-the-art technology is selected based on its ability to retrieve high-quality imagery and data whilst reducing downtime costs to our clients. CLICK BELOW

Asset Inspection

Roof Inspection

Construction Progress

Full Engineering Reports

2-D Mapping and 3-D Models

Aerial Photography and Video


Aerial Inspection and Surveying

We use specialised drone platforms, robotics, and software dedicated to industrial , infrastructure, and construction applications. The drone data we collect informs human judgement in planning, building, and maintenance.



industrial Expertise

Our background is in risk management and industrial engineering. Not only are we highly competent drone pilots but we are adept with regards to inspection, surveying and measurement techniques.  We also have an intimate understanding of complex work environments such as large-scale construction projects and risk-heavy industrial plants. 4Risk Drones pilots operate in the type of work environments that most drone service providers avoid. 

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Trusted Provider

Thanks to our industrial background our drone pilots are trusted to fly on active construction sites and in industrial facilities around Ireland. 4Risk Drones works closely with clients to honour site specific requirements.



We use drones as a Data Collection device

Drones are a disruptive technology and can sometimes be viewed as a novel addition to the work setting. However it is not about the drone technology; it is about collecting accurate and actionable data for the clients workflow. Our industrial drone services provide an efficient means of collecting this data. 

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Drone Inspections

A drone inspection takes a fraction of the time it would take to prepare for and enter a confined space, erect scaffolding, or to hire and operate a boom lift. The downtime and risk savings run into tens of thousands of euro.




we are an IAA Licensed Permit Holder

4Risk Drones is a registered Specific Operations Permit (SOP) holder through the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). This designation requires full drone insurance. Our drone pilots are fully licensed to operate commercial drones and have undergone formal education, training and testing by IAA registered instructors. Our pilots also hold valid Solas Safe Pass cards and are experienced in working around active construction sites and heavily regulated facilities.

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Licensed and Insured

We are commercially licensed, and fully insured to work in industrial facilities which require higher levels of insurance cover. We also deal with Air Traffic Control, the Gardaí, neighbouring property owners, and local authorities so our clients don’t have to.

How Can we Help? 

We are happy to assist you with the application of drones at your organisation, without any pressure to use our service. All information is treated with complete privacy. If we do not have the in-house experience we will gladly refer you to our associates or another suitable drone services provider.

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We are based in Lucan, Co. Dublin and cover all of Ireland. To have an informal chat or to request a quote please call us on (087)1662179 or email us below.