Assets and Infrastructure

4Risk Drones provides building and asset owners with a newfound insight into their infrastructure. These insights are retrieved quickly and provide unrivalled accuracy in terms of detail and thoroughness. The inspection costs compared to scaffolding access, boom lift access and ladder access are significantly reduced, while the safety benefits are massively increased. 

Church roof inspections ensure repairs are addressed early and remain minor

Church roof inspections ensure repairs are addressed early and remain minor

Building and structural assets

We provide drone inspection services to civil, structural and architectural clients over a broad variety of sectors. Our engineers can present comprehensive CSA inspection reports on building envelopes, guttering, flashing, roofs and civil assets such as water towers and bridges. Our detailed imagery captures defects such as hairline cracking, water-based damage, rusting, weed encroachment, degradation and construction flaws. 4Risk Drones is the only drone provider in Ireland that specialises in the area of indoor drone inspections utilising aerial drones and caged drone systems.

Utilities and INfrastructure

Power Transmission and Distribution: 4Risk Drones provides aerial surveying services of power lines for corrective maintenance purposes. This allows the asset owners to identify hotspots, structural issues and other faults. Drone surveys can be a key tool in helping to get high voltage infrastructure back on track following storms and heavy snow.

Telecommunications:  Drone inspection of telecommunication masts help the asset owner to identifying damage, and to help wireless carriers plan the installation of new mobile gear. These vertical inspections can be carried out in minutes with data presented as raw photographic imagery or as rendered 3-D models.



Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines:  Drones inspections are particularly useful for identifying damage to wind turbine blades. Our zoom lens drone cameras provide an instant insight into the health of individual turbines. Asset managers are then in a position to prioritise maintenance to the individual turbines that need it soonest.

 Solar Farms:  Our aerial surveys provide solar farm managers with key data for sites that are primed for development. On construction, our thermal imaging cameras can then help asset managers to identify defective solar panels which may be losing the ability to produce power to their maximum ability.