Commercial Media Applications

Our dedication to industrial clients around Ireland expands beyond drone inspection and surveying. Our services includes drone photography and video services aimed at helping industry showcase their services and facilities. We offer “end-to-end" production services so our clients have less hassle.


Plant and Site Aerial Photography

Drone photography allows for aerial positions and angles that cannot be access via manned aircraft. We photograph industrial plants, construction sites and building facilities from close-up, to a hundred metres in the sky. These aerial photographs are perfect for a boardroom wall or for use on an organisations website. Drone images are particularly suitable for illustrating industrial facility layouts, entrance points, emergency facilities and expansion planning.


Commercial and Training Videos

4Risk Drones offers high quality video content using both aerial and ground cameras to achieve our clients goals. Our commercial and training videos are turnkey and we manage all aspects of audio and video production. 

Commercial Videos: We spend time with our clients to analyse & identify their artistic and business needs. This allows us to produce commercial videos that are original and engaging towards their target audience.

Training Videos: Client training needs vary from year-to-year and from department-to-department based on a variety of reasons. Our aim is to interpret our clients long-term needs and goals so that training videos can be updated as needed and without a full overhaul of previous efforts. We can produce company inductions, equipment demonstrations, operating procedures, and health & safety videos to name but a few.