Drones in Construction

Drone applications in construction are perhaps the most significant in terms of benefits and savings. Drone imagery gives a unique vantage point and produces useable visuals of greenfield sites, live sites and finished projects. 4Risk Drones provides flexibility and bespoke systems within the construction lifecycle to suit each companies needs.


Pre Construction and Planning Surveys

Aerial surveying and imagery helps main contractors provide effective bids and demonstrate value to the prospective client. This information also allows stakeholders to truly visualise the scope of the project and discuss possible hold-ups and issues down the line. These 3-D and 2-D visual representations give the client a vision into the future, and a newfound sense of control.

Construction Progress Monitoring

4Risk Drones teams collect faster and accurate data giving clients valuable insight into their live projects. Weekly or monthly aerial documentation of sites can greatly assist with coordination efforts, safety planning, mobilisation, logistics, stakeholder updates, and integration with various BIM software.


Construction Time-Lapse

Time-lapse videos are a powerful way for construction companies and developers to showcase their projects and assets while monitoring progress and effeiciency. This information also provides a historical record of project progress which is of particular use when issues arise over work-order changes and as-built disputes.




Construction Site INspection

Capturing inspection imagery and footage of large construction projects is   costly, and time-consuming. Stakeholders and project managers can reduce man-hours and increase return on investment by hiring 4Risk Drones to capture ongoing aerial data for:

  • Performance issues
  • Damage or defect detection
  • Traffic planning issues
  • Site security issues
  • Health & safety planning