Drone News

At 4Risk Drones we are aware that unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are an emerging and evolving technology. For our clients benefit we strive to communicate news on applications, developments, and best practices associated with the drone industry in Ireland. If our clients understand the technology and industrial applications we feel they will reap the full benefits of drone inspection.


The Advantages of Drone Inspection

There are a multitude of advantages associated with drone inspection when compared to manned methods of access.  The above infographic illustrates these key benefits.

Due Diligence when hiring drone companies

This downloadable infographic explains the basic due diligence requirement when engaging or pre qualifying a drone service provider in Ireland. If you have any further questions feel free to call us on (087) 1662179 for a 'no-strings' conversation.

Drone Services Delivery

The process of engaging 4Risk Drones is relatively pain-free. We are hesitant of pricing for drone jobs in Ireland without understanding the objectives and overall brief. Above is a basic flowchart of how we quote for and deliver work in the industrial sector.


4Risk Drones applies specialised drone technology to the inspection and surveying of roofs and buildings across Ireland. This automated method is accurate, cost-effective and presents significantly less risk than traditional methods of inspection.

Drone Industry Terminology

At 4Risk Drones we are aware that there is a lot of ambiguous jargon surrounding the drone industry. Above is a quick reference guide of drone industry terminology used in Ireland for our clients reference and use.


4Risk Drones Business Card

4Risk Drones Business Card

Our Business Card

We are in the habit of photographing our contacts business cards for ease of access. Feel free to save a soft copy of our drone services business card to your phone, or share with someone in your network.