Drones and Safety

We are in the business of lowering enterprise risk through the use of robotics and we carry these same ethics into our own field activities. Our IAA approved Flight Operations systems are complemented by Occupational Health & Safety systems. These documented requirements are not just lip-service to safety legislation, they are followed and improved upon every time we deploy drones around Ireland. 


Safety Management Systems

Our Safety Management systems comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and its regulations, and are aligned with the international ISO model for continual improvement. We realise that vigilance and systematic improvement are key to maintaining a safe work environment and a productive workplace.


Flight Safety Onsite

We are committed to providing health & safety oversight throughout planning, and into inspection operations onsite.  Our teams have the in-house capacity to make educated decisions around:

  • Urban areas

  • Mobile machinery

  • Inclement weather

  • High voltage systems

  • Wildlife

  • Activities of third-parties


Trusted Provider 

 4Risk Drones operates safely and confidently in the types of environments that most drone providers avoid. Our clients regularly require:

  • Company Safety Statement

  • RAMS/Method Statements

  • Pre-Flight Risk Assessment and Talk

  • Training: Safe Pass, Technical Qualifications

  • Equipment maintenance records

  • Other: Pre Qualification, Permitting Systems, Site-specific PPE , Quality Management items